An incredible woman,

Milly Rosner

kept the cellist community together.

At First...

It was just workshops with her private students. Then it was cellists she had taught in school or coached in orchestra. Shortly, her students’ students joined. Next thing we knew, the cellists from the entire Bay Area were gathering to play at Milly’s Cello Bash.

The Cello Bash originated in 1973 when Berkeley cello teacher Milly Rosner planned a gathering for her students as well as the students of fellow teachers. Each year saw a growing number of cellists wanting to participate. In 1995 a record 110 cellists came together to celebrate the joy of the cello and be part of the Bay Area of cellists. For the younger students this is an extraordinary opportunity to play new music and, most importantly, with a large group of cellists and mature professionals.

1997 Cello Bash Program

Cello Bash in San Diego

In 2005, Milly held her last annual Cello Bash. At least 125 cellists, including generations of Milly’s students, performed that year. In 2012, Milly’s students and colleagues gathered one last time to celebrate her life. Milly’s love and music has continued to spread among all of us in cellist communities across the nation. We strive to continue providing the opportunity for cellists of all ages to share the same stage. San Diego, let’s bash!